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Version 0.7.3
Posted 2004 September 29th

This release only updates the skillchain data, based on the information Aden collected for his renkei chart.

Version 0.7.2
Posted 2004 September 24th

A bug fix and two new features. The first is that it now displays the names of the magic burst elements (instead of just the icons). The second is that you now can pop up a menu of available skills for a given weapon type and select the weapon skill level based on that.

Version 0.7.1
Posted 2004 September 23rd

A couple of fairly basic UI enhancements – you can now select multiple avatars for a given player, and the options window now appears relative to the window you open it from.

Version 0.7.0, Clock is now Separate
Posted 2004 September 20th

First off, the clock is now a separate extension. This means that after you upgrade to the new version of the skillchains tool, you will no longer see the clock. You will instead have to go and install the clock extension separately. If you had the clock enabled, the extension will prompt you to go download the separate extension after you update to the latest version.

If you want the clock, you can go to the Vana'diel Clock Extension page.

Secondly, I have completely removed the old results display. You will now always see the results displayed in the new results view. The result view now also contains a popup that will display more information about the various weapon skills or blood pacts displayed in the results.

Version 0.6.3
Posted 2004 September 17th

This is basically just a bug fix release. It fixes several issues with Mozilla, and adds a new option to hide the user interface after the results have been compiled. Note: This is the last version that will support the older results output. Version 0.7.0 will only support the new results output.

Version 0.6.2
Posted 2004 September 16th

Several changes in this release. First off, you can now name the players you select when in player mode. In the New Results Mode, you now have the option to display their names. (Version 0.7.0, which will probably be released soon now, will completely remove the old results display.)

Also planned for version 0.7.0 will be the ability to select multiple avatars for one player position. (The list of avatars will no longer be present for every dropdown, instead you will choose "Avatars..." and then select the avatars available to form chains from a dialog box.)

Oh, and a big shout-out to the new European players out there! If anyone wants to translate the tool to another language, just send me an e-mail. It'd be a big help if you already understand how Mozilla handles translations. Basically there are two files that contain all the strings ever displayed by the tool. By changing those strings, you can translate the tool to any other language.

Updated Site
Posted 2004 September 15th

I've finally fixed up this site and made it a bit prettier.

The next order of business is: avatars! As you may or may not know, in the last update, Square-Enix made it so that avatars can now participate in skillchains. This means that we can now begin the process of trying to guess what skillchain elements the various blood-pact abilities use.

If you have an information about this to share, please e-mail it to me!

New Clock!
Posted 2004 September 10th

I threatened to do this before, and now, I finally did:

Vana'diel Clock

You now have an option to stick a Vana'diel clock into your browser's status bar. This works in both Mozilla and Firefox.