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Version 0.1.3
Posted 2004 September 29th

Well, on last typo found. A 93% moon is no longer incorrectly considered "full."

Version 0.1.2
Posted 2004 September 29th

Oops - when I made the fix, I simplified some of the logic used to determine the moon phase. But when I did that, I accidently made it so that the moon phase from 100% (Full) - 95% (Waning) was considered the Last Quarter.

This has been fixed, now.

Version 0.1.1
Posted 2004 September 28th

This update attempts to bring the moon phase data inline with the Vana'diel moon phase. It is based on Nakti's post which was based on the MithraPride Vana'diel Clock, so ultimately the corrected data comes from Golddess. So thank Nakti for creating the little table, and thank Golddess for figuring out the phases!

Vana'diel Clock Extension
Posted 2004 September 20th

This is the first version of the separate clock extension, it used to be a part of the FFXI Skillchains Extension. It is now its own extension.